Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Corn with orange juice.

2 Ears of corn

1 Glass of orange juice (8 Oz.)

Wash the corn well, husk, and cut off the kernels. Put this on a baking dish with a lid and bake in the oven at 250 degrees until done. Pour the corn juice off, and add the orange juice. Let set 5 to 10 min before serving.

Creamed Corn

3 Ears of corn

1 Green bell pepper

Husk corn and cut off the kernels. Put the kernels from 2 ears in a blender and blend. Add the kernels from the third ear to the blended corn. Place in a 1 & ½ hours at 250 degrees.

Carrots and Honey

Wash carrots, cut off ends, and slice.


STEW in a small amount of soup stock for 45 minutes or until tender

Last 5-10 min add ½ tsp honey for slight flavoring.

Green or white cabbage

Combine in pan;

½ Cabbage, shredded thinly

3-4 T apple cider vinegar

Pinch of marjoram

1 large tomato, chopped

1 onion, diced

Stew approximately 1 hour, until tender. DO NOT ADD WATER

Dilly beans

Combined and bake in low oven casserole until tender.

3 C Green beans

1/3 Onion sliced in half ring

½ Dill weed

2 T lemon juice.