Sunday, July 5, 2009

Preparation of vegetables.

All vegetables must be cooked slowly, aver a low flame, with little or no addition of water, the slow cooking process is very important, in order to preserve the natural flavor of the vegetables and jeep them easily digestible. All vegetables should be done or tender. Valuable burst, the minerals go out of their colloidal composition and become more difficult to be absorbed. A stainless steel “flame tamer” may be used to prevent burning. A lithe of the “Special Soup” may also be use, or tomatoes, apple slices, or chopped onion may be placed at the bottom of the pan to give up more fluid. In some cases this also improves the flavor. Only spinach water is too bitter, contains to much oxalic acid and must be discarded. Tomatoes, leek and onions should be stewed in their own juices, as they contain an abundance of fluid by themselves. Red beets should be cooked like potatoes, in their peel, in water. All vegetables must be carefully washed and cleaned. Peeling or scraping is forbidden, because important minerals salts and vitamins are deposited directly under the skin. The pot (non aluminum) must close tightly, to prevent escape of steam. Don’t use pressure cooking pots. Lids must be heavy and it well into the pots. Cooked foods (soup and fruits) may be kept in the refrigerator for 48 hours.

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